Classic Grains

Cooked White Quinoa (Zoomed).jpg

IQF White Quinoa

Cooked Red Quinoa (Zoomed).jpg

IQF Red Quinoa

Cooked Rice Medley (Zoomed).jpg

IQF Rice Medley

Cooked Japanese Sweet Barley (Zoomed).jp

IQF Japanese Sweet Barley

Cooked Basmati Rice (CR) (Zoomed).jpeg

IQF Basmati Rice

Cooked Brown Rice--Red Quinoa Blend.jpeg

IQF Brown Rice/Red Quinoa Blend

Cooked White Sorghum (Zoomed).jpeg

IQF White Sorghum

Cooked Burgundy Sorghum (Waxy).jpeg

IQF Burgundy Sorghum

Cooked Jasmine Rice-01.jpeg

IQF Jasmine Rice

Cooked Farro (Zoomed).jpeg

IQF Farro

Cooked Green Lentils (Zoomed).jpg

IQF Green Lentils

Cooked Wheatberry--Barley Blend (Zoomed)

IQF Wheatberry/Barley Blend

Cooked Brown Rice.jpeg

IQF Brown Rice

Cooked White Rice.jpeg

IQF White Rice

Cooked Wild Rice.jpeg

IQF Wild Rice

Cooked Red Rice (Zoomed).jpeg

IQF Red Rice

Cooked Black Beluga Lentils (Zoomed).jpg

IQF Black Beluga Lentils

Cooked Couscous (Zoomed).jpeg

IQF Couscous

Cooked Southwestern Blend.jpeg

IQF Southwestern Blend

Cooked Black Barley (Zoomed).jpeg

IQF Black Barley

Seasoned Blends

Cooked Quinoa--Kale Blend.jpg

IQF Quinoa/Kale Blend

Cooked Hibachi Fried Rice (Zoomed).jpg

IQF Hibachi Fried Rice

IQF Rice Medley Pilaf

Cooked Brown Rice (Cilantro Lime Flavore

IQF Cilantro Lime Brown Rice

Cooked White Rice (Spanish Rice Flavored

IQF Spanish Rice

Cooked Turmeric Basmati Rice (Zoomed).jp

IQF Turmeric Basmati Rice

Cooked Mediterranean Quinoa (Zoomed).jpe

IQF Mediterranean Quinoa

Cooked White Rice (Broccoli Au Gratin Fl

IQF Broccoli Au Gratin Rice

Many more grains, blends, and seasoning options available!  Please inquire with us!


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