Nippon Industries boasts a state-of-the-art Facility located in Fairfield, California.  Strategically placed in close proximity to the Central Valley and the San Francisco Bay, we not only ensure access to the freshest grains and produce in California but are also aligned close to major shipping, rail, air, and trucking routes to not only bring in raw materials but also to ship out finished products.

Originally built to meet the meal needs of the prominent East Japan Rail Company, this facility also supplied air meals to the Airlines of Japan as well.  Tens of millions of Bento meals have been produced.  This facility has the capacity and capability to further meet the high demands of the U.S. Market.

We utilize a high capacity automated process.  Our cryogenic based freezing process preserves the quality of our product so it tastes freshly cooked when it is reheated.  With our state of the art equipment we are able to run an efficient, continuous operation which has the capability to cook, freeze, and package large orders.  We believe strongly in consistency and believe that all orders should maintain the highest level of quality.




2430 South Watney Way,

Fairfield, CA 94533



T: 707-427-3127

F: 707-427-3105