Did you know?

The first intended consumers of food made in our facility were not supposed to know the food was ever frozen. 


It should come as no surprise that your average Japanese consumer has a discerning taste for rice.  Any deviation from fresh quality would be rejected.  This is why our facility was built to utilize cryogenic freezing.  This is the heritage of our technology.

The Japanese economy is driven by its ability to get people where they need to be via high efficiency transportation systems

Instead of cars and freeways, the Japanese prefer to use the high speed Shinkansen (bullet trains) to traverse the country

Both the Japanese railways and airways required a large volume of high quality meals for their passengers to enjoy

Our facility was instrumental in producing beautiful and healthy bento box meals for Japan's transportation systems

In full production, this facility produced 20,000 bento boxes per day branded under our O-Bento name for export to Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, and Japan Railways Group. 


With specialized machinery and proprietary processing techniques, this factory was the single largest producer of authentic Japanese style bentos in the U.S.

Though we no longer produce O-Bento meals, we maintain many of the skilled employees and processes which made these beautiful meals possible.

Examples of delicious O-Bento boxed meals



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