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Our facility in Fairfield, CA was originally built by JR East, Japan's largest rail company, and operator of the famous bullet trains. 


The meals produced here were prepared from the finest organic ingredients in the US, then frozen and shipped to Japan to be served aboard their trains.

In Japan, these complete meals are known as O-bento (or "bento boxes" in English).  In our case, the "O" in the name also carried a double meaning, signifying the ingredients were all USDA Organic 

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The Japanese economy is driven by its ability to move people via high efficiency transport systems.

Rather than cars and freeways, expansive train and flight networks are the preferred method of both commuters and travelers.

Both the airlines and train networks require a large amount of high-quality food to offer their passengers.

Our facility was instrumental in producing beautiful and healthy bento boxes for both systems.

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The passengers in Japan were not supposed to know their meals were ever frozen!

The quality of the freeze had to be so good that the passenger wouldn't be able to tell the difference between our frozen bento and other freshly-made meals.

Coupled with the Japanese consumer's discerning rice palate, any shortcomings would fail to meet their high expectations.  Such strict standards could only be met using advanced cryogenic freezing, hence the origins of our technology.

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Our facility produced over 20,000 bento per day for the trains and airlines.

With specialized machinery and proprietary processing techniques, we were the single largest producer of authentic Japanese-style bento in the U.S.

Though we no longer produce bento boxes, we have retained many of the skilled employees and processes which made these beautiful meals possible.

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