The Cryogenic Advantage


A 300° Difference

  • Cryogenics or the use of Liquid Nitrogen:

    •  Achieve process temperatures as low as -346° F 

    • Can freeze steaming hot food in less than 10 minutes

  • Competitors in IQF use CO2 or Ammonia based freezing:

    • Achieve process temperatures closer to -40° F

    • Takes several passes or 25 to 40 minutes depending on temperature

    • Even "flash" freezing is not as quick as LN2 based freezing

See The
See how ice 
cell structure

Ice crystals form between 32° F and 24.5° F.  The quicker the freeze, the less damage done by ice crystals.  Little to no damage is done to organic cell material using cryogenic freezing methods.  This is why cryogenics is used in medicine to preserve embryos and donor organs.

Why does this matter?

Frozen food has long suffered a bad reputation for tasting dry and lacking in flavor​.  Electron microscopes confirm that damage done to cell structure during slow freezing is the culprit.

  • Slow freeze IQF process compromises quality

    • More time to freeze = more time for ice crystals to form
    • Large ice crystals puncture the cell wall

    • Damage to cell wall allows internal moisture to escape

    • Internal moisture escape = dehydrated food

    • Cell structure break down = soggy and lifeless texture 

  • Our LN2 IQF process freezes rapidly

    • Product temperature drops from hot to frozen in 10 minutes

    • Large ice crystals do not have time to form

    • No damage to cell walls = moisture retention

    • Flavors and textures are suspended in time

    • Food defrosts maintaining same look, taste, and texture as freshly cooked

What does this mean for you?

  • The highest integrity freeze process available

  • Fresh quality food.  No exceptions.

  • No Frost or residual moisture
    • Grains maintain natural texture, taste, and aroma

    • Grains can be added to a variety of dishes without changing the recipe 

  • Longer shelf and freezer life


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