Frozen Food

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Fresh Quality


We are a multi-generational family-owned business.  We specialize in producing the highest quality frozen food products available to the market.  Our goal is to deliver safe quality food to our customers.  



Our cryogenic freezing technology harnesses the power of liquid nitrogen (LN2).  This allows us to freeze at an astonishing -346° Fahrenheit.  By accelerating the time spent in the state change to frozen, the organic material of the food is preserved on a microscopic level. 


While IQF freezing is our specialty, we are proud of our vertical integration.   Our experienced workforce is our life force and family.  We also utilize custom cooking and packaging equipment which allows us to be a unique one-stop shop.


We believe the many benefits of frozen food do not have to come at a compromise.  Enjoy up to a 24 month shelf life and uncompromising consistency without giving up on quality.  We would not be surprised if food made in our facility has been on your plate or bowl.

Areas we service

Food Service

  • We offer a variety of fully cooked IQF rices, whole grains, legumes, and blends

  • No more wasted time, space, or resources for your kitchen to cook a variety of rice and grains

  • Minimize waste by heating only what you need in minutes

  • Easier than ever for side dishes and buffet style servings



  • We have experience working with many local and national retailers as well as club stores

  • Colorful IQF grain blends can add an exciting aesthetic appeal for a premium look

  • Health conscious consumer are now looking in the freezer aisle as the freezer now houses a bevy of healthy and trendy options


Bulk Industrial 

  • Many manufacturers are using our product as a component in their own

  • Fully cooked IQF Grains and legumes can be blended with fruits and vegetables under nitrogen

  • Bulk pack sizes typically come in 30 lb master cases but many opt for 1300 lb Gaylord containers

  • Consistency and quality for your brand guaranteed


2430 South Watney Way,

Fairfield, CA 94533



T: 707-427-3127

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