FAQ's: Let's Have a Chat About IQF

Why choose IQF over other varieties of pre-cooked rice?

Our IQF rice and grains are frozen using liquid nitrogen, which freezes at such a low temperature at such a fast rate that the integrity of the grain is perfectly preserved

There are many types of pre-cooked rice, but IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) is the clear choice when it comes to quality and health.

Other pre-cooked rices include dry instant rice and vacuum-packed bowls.  Beware though, many of these shelf-stable options contain preservatives, or have been cooked in their plastic packaging with unwanted additives.

IQF offers long shelf life naturally without additives and preservatives.  

I've seen frozen rice at the store before.  Are all these considered IQF?


         IQF                               Block Frozen

Not necessarily.  Many frozen rices are frozen in their bag or bowl, which is called "block frozen".  Block frozen rice is frozen in a manner which degrades the taste, texture, and overall quality of the rice.  For obvious reasons, it's also impossible to portion until defrosted.

IQF on the other hand, each grain is frozen in-motion allowing for even-freezing.  As a result, the grains are loose and pourable in the bag -- a MAJOR plus for both culinary teams and families at home!

 Are all IQF methods the same?


 Other IQF (-40°F)

 Nippon (-346°F)

Not all IQF methods are equal!

While many people do IQF, Nippon is unique in that we do it using liquid nitrogen.  Nitrogen is unquestionably the best freezing method. 


The quality of nitrogen freezing is so good that the food is indistinguishable from freshly-cooked.  

See the difference with your own eyes!

With IQF rice, do I need a special freezer to store it?

No, your home freezer will store our IQF product just fine!  No fancy equipment needed

Do I need to add water when preparing my IQF rice?

No, simply heat and serve!  No extra water is necessary

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