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Why choose IQF over other varieties of pre-cooked rice?

Pre-cooked rice is a vague term that refers to a variety of processes which cook rice in order to shorten the cooking experience.  Examples vary from instant rice to block frozen, others are shelf stable.  Beware some shelf stable options have been cooked in their plastic packaging, sometimes with preservatives or additives.  

IQF (individual quick freeze) is the best option for those who are after an authentic flavor, texture, and aroma for their eating experience. 

I have seen rice items in the freezer before.  Are all of these considered IQF?

Our IQF rice and grains are frozen using LN2 which freezes at such a low temperature and such at fast rate that the integrity of the grain in preserved down to the cellular level

Not necessarily.  Many frozen rices are frozen inside the bag or frozen in a bowl with other ingredients.  This is usually done with a slow freeze method.  You will notice these rices are usually frozen as a block and have a decent amount of ice crust formed around. 


IQF is the process in which product is frozen while in motion creating evenly frozen food particles.  This makes the product free flowing , easy to portion, and easy to handle for culinary teams and home users.

Do all IQF processes should yield the same quality?

Notice no residual moisture or frost on the LN2 frozen rice.  The integrity of the freeze maintains the flavor, aroma, and texture of the rice when it is rethermed.  The end user should not be able to discern between fresh and LN2 Frozen Rice.


Not all IQF is equal

While there are many people who claim IQF product, we are one of few producers who use liquid nitrogen (LN2) in our process.  LN2 is the premier option for industrial users and end consumers alike who demand the freshest quality from their frozen foods.  Our Liquid Nitrogen IQF process allows us to deliver a freeze quality that locks in flavor and preserves texture so freshness is never a compromise. 

I like the 24 month shelf life, but I do not want any preservatives or harsh byproducts

No need to worry.  The freeze integrity is so high that there is no need for preservatives to achieve your shelf life.  The only medium we use is liquid nitrogen.  The only byproduct is nitrogen gas. 


The Green Alternative

Nitrogen is among the most common elements in the earth's atmosphere.  Nitrogen in gas form is the only exhaust from LN2 freezing.  LN2 freezing is non toxic compared to Ammonia based freezing and leaves a much smaller carbon footprint compared to CO2 freezing.

No Ice Zone

Ice may be the universal symbol for "cold", but you will not find ice on our grains.  The ice on frozen food often times comes from within the food itself lending to dry frost bitten food.  


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