19th Century Roots

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Our company lineage traces its early roots back to the mid-19th century in the rich, fertile farming region of the Pearl River Delta in South China.  At the turn of the century just prior to the big earthquake in 1906, the first-generation great grandfathers of the family immigrated to the San Francisco Bay Area in search of better opportunities in what they called the "Gold Mountain," the old Chinese term for California.  One stayed in San Francisco to develop his business in the city, while the other went to the heartlands of the Sacramento River Delta.  They stayed true to their passion for food, specializing in seafood, poultry, and produce.  As their businesses flourished and expanded, they shared their knowledge and prosperity, helping many others succeed in this new land as they once did.


20th Century Expansion


The succeeding generations diversified the businesses further and created new industries, propelling the entire family business forward.  With years of experience and deep-seated connections developed from the days of the family forefathers, the 2nd and 3rd generations expanded business interests internationally, while still keeping the family roots firmly in Northern California.  Seafood exports to Asia remained a focus, while specialty frozen sushi laid the groundwork for the IQF product line today. 


The success and longevity of the family business is due in large part to the old fashioned values held by the first generation.  Their work ethic, business integrity, and willingness to help others remains a core part of the current generations' business values.


Healthy Whole Grains Take Center Stage

Today, our hub in the San Francisco Bay Area sits at the center of where health food and innovation converge.  The creative influence of local cuisine provides inspiration for our delicious, healthy products.  Grains of the ancient world now meet state-of-the-art cryogenic freezing technology through our ability to cook and IQF grains to frozen perfection.  Our location gives us great access to the agricultural products grown in California's fertile farmlands, as well as unique products grown around the world via our proximity to major seaports and the US interstate network.  

We serve several market segments including food service, retail, and bulk industrial with both frozen and dry grain blends available.  Our product lineup has grown to offer seasoned blends, which gives our customers even more exciting options as they look to innovate their own menus.  

We are a GFSI-certified operation under the SQF system, and are also organic and kosher certified.

Three generations still work under the same roof in Fairfield, as Nippon Industries continues to source top quality grains from around the world and forge new trends in convenient, healthy eating.  Today’s consumers can look to Nippon as their rice and grains solution, while together, we cook toward a healthier tomorrow.