Green Leaves

Social Responsibility

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"We strive to nourish the world with healthy, safe food as we all progress together into a cleaner, greener future."

-Rick Wong, CEO


At the most fundamental level, our use of nitrogen in our freezing applications is very environmentally clean.  The cryogenic exhaust: nitrogen gas, is already the most abundant element in Earth's atmosphere.  In comparison, other freezing methods commonly used in the industry which utilize carbon dioxide or ammonia, are harmful to the environment and health.


Solar Initiative

We recently completed the transition to solar power with the construction and installation of our new solar arrays.  Nearly 100% of our power usage is now offset by the sun's energy.

Energy Conservation

All lights onsite have been upgraded to energy-efficient LED lighting.  Lights are equipped with sensors which automatically turn them off to save energy when the room is not in use.

We also participate in a local voluntary energy-conservation program where our site restricts energy use when requested by local utilities during times of heavy demand. 

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Eating Burgers

Food Safety

Protecting public health via food safety is, and always has been the top priority here at Nippon.  We have maintained the exacting Japanese standards of cleanliness in our facility, and have evolved alongside the industry as food safety knowledge has continued to grow over time. 


We are GFSI-certified under the SQF system, and undergo rigorous audits each year to ensure we are meeting the industry gold-standard

of food safety.

Giving Back

We make charitable donations to better the South American farming communities that produce the quinoa that Nippon uses.  Contributions go toward improving access to basic education, and agricultural training in these communities.

Quechua Indigenous Women